Friday, December 31, 2010

Spider the super star

I found out online about this “Spider Pavilion” at the Museum of Natural History. I thought that would be a wonderful place for my spider, since I really couldn’t locate a nice place for her (Talk about being picky). I could simply drop her off, and they would pick it from there. I started imagining her in this wonderful exhibition where she could be the super star. She would wait behind a velvet curtain getting pulled back to showcase her majestic ugliness, and awe the crowd. She would be the pride of her children, and they would live there happily ever after and multiply and multiply and multiply…
I called the museum to give them the good news that I had the perfect match for them. I figured they would be flabbergasted just by the description of her. I was immediately transferred to the right department. The spider guy sounded very friendly and nice. Everything seemed wonderful until I asked them if she’ll be a part of the “Spider Pavilion”. The answer was “no”. The pavilion was closed, and I could bring her in, but she would be put in alcohol (alive) for exhibition.
Talk about shattered dreams. I was doing all this to save her, and all they could offer was her fossil in alcohol. Their next suggestion was to simply remove her from the lemon tree, and put her on any other shrub or tree in my yard away from traffic. The hundreds of babies will venture off to different directions, and maybe only a couple of them will stay put. He couldn’t emphasize enough though what wonderful creatures spiders were and that she was completely harmless; what a contrast. Why on earth would they kill them by putting them alive in alcohol if they are so magnificent?
Charlotte might not have gotten her super star show after all, but she's been quite an attraction for me. She deserves a happy ending and a nice new home away from harm's way. She'll be moving to a new location tomorrow if the weather permits. What better way to start off the New Year.

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