Saturday, January 1, 2011

To do or not to do

Once I’ve been told when you get the writers’ block it helps if you write the same word such as “the” repeatedly to help clear up the block, so here it goes… the the the the the the the…… hmm, I think it’s working…. The the the the the….. I’ll keep working on it offline J
  I found an even better way; red wine. It has to be sweet and delicious. I’m not promoting any products here (not yet J), but I would strongly suggest this Kosher red wine called “Mogen David”. It has the perfect texture and taste for me. Most grocery stores have them, and it’s not costly at all.
Charlotte hasn’t been moved yet, talk about a failed New Year’s resolution. I still have time, even though the lemons all around her are getting bigger and better looking. That is putting her in a greater danger of being destroyed by a neighbor. The red arrow on picture below shows her location on the tree. Check out those lemons, nice....

I don't know what it is that's keeping me from moving her? Today was a beautiful day, and I really didn't have any excuses, but I didn't do it. Instead I spent hours on preparing pickles for winter; typical procrastination. I think I'm worried about sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. Maybe I should leave her alone, and let her face her destiny, but then I keep worrying about her well being. The truth is that she is very content where she is right now, and if I try to change anything it might disturb her terribly. For heaven's sake, it's an ugly spider we're talking about. Why is it so complicated for me to make a decision. You know what; every time I get like this, when I can't decide on what to do, it turns out that the best decision would have been to do nothing at all. Most situations have a way of working themselves out. Am I making excuses to not do the responsible thing, or should I just leave her alone? I wish I could get some feed back on this.

Maybe this video will help everybody on their most appreciated guidance.


m said...

Bless you, you kind soul. I am not at all fond of spiders and rather than trying to sort out how to save it, I would be trying to sort out who I could enlist to help get it gone.
I hope you manage to rescue her because I know it matters to you. The world needs more people like you.

m said...

ps I've subscribed to your blog, welcome to the blogging world, I look forward to more non-spider related entries!! :D

Hoops said...

Thank you so much m, for all the kind words and the encouragement.

I'll shift my focus from spiders soon to the rest of the rescuees awaiting their turn to appear on their online showcasing :)