Monday, January 31, 2011

Alicia's fall

One day I was sitting in my parents’ living room watching TV while Alicia was outside in the balcony playing. Next thing I knew, I heard this commotion coming from the neighbor’s yard down stairs. I immediately thought “Alicia”. I ran to the balcony with my mom on my tail. When we looked down, I saw there were bunch of the neighbors outside having a gathering taking advantage of the nice sunny day. They were sitting at this patio furniture set with a big umbrella opened on top of the table. The next door neighbor that was scared of moving furs was also there. She was standing away from the table and laughing hysterically. I saw Alicia, making a run for the higher levels, trying frantically to climb up a bush with a flat cut top next to the table. There were three cats behind her with their eyes wide open not paying any attention to where they were stepping. All they wanted was to get to Alicia, and all Alicia wanted was to get away from them as fast as possible. My mom and I kept calling Alicia. She managed to run over the bush and jump on the wall and climb up straight to our open arms. Once she was in safety she turned around and kept looking down to see what had just happened. She wouldn’t move from my barricaded arms on the retainer wall which had created a safe hug for her.
I asked the neighbors what had happened, but their laughter wouldn’t allow me to make sense of what they were trying to say. Finally I was able to piece things together. As Alicia was doing her crazy ride on the retainer wall in the balcony, running form one end to the next, she had either fallen down, or decided to jump off on the umbrella right under the wall. Either way, next thing they knew Alicia was on the umbrella, as she sled down and ended up on the table. When she had realized she was in an unfamiliar environment, she panicked and started running all over the place like crazy. The cats had seen her and took off after her. The one neighbor who is scared of moving fur had jumped off her seat to run away. The hostess of the gathering who is a very nice lady had tried to prevent from the cats chasing Alicia by smacking them on the tail, and in the middle of this chaos the closest thing to her hand was her husband’s bald head, so she had smacked him in the head really hard. They were all cracking up, except for the poor hubby who kept complaining that it hurt really bad.
That was one of Alicia’s incidents that everybody is still talking about. My little girl had created such a scene. She scared us and herself really good, but that was a lesson to be learned. I felt good in a way that she was able to run away from all those monster kitties, even though a couple of them had managed to jump on the bush after her. Later on, Alicia taught those cats how to climb up the BIG tree and get stuck on the roof of the building. It took four sets of neighbors to bring them back down. ** To clear things up, the cats were the only ones who were stuck on the roof. Alicia was on the tree unharmed and laughing at them.
I sure miss my baby. I wish I had more pictures to share, but they are all lost. The only one fitting to this story is a picture of two of the neighbor’s cats resting under the tree where Alicia was first found as a baby.


Unknown said...

I am sad, thank you for sharing her story.

Pasha's Mommy said...

oh no, please don't be sad m. It was such a joy to have her around, and I wanted her stories to create the same reaction.